Oversized (project) cargoes have specific features and non-standard technical characteristics: size, weight, purpose.

For each order we create an oversized cargo transportation expert group, including engineers. We use special vehicles, railway rolling stock, ships and auxiliary equipment.
Project cargoes
How we work
We get permits and documents from regulators, including road services and traffic safety directorate.
We collect complete information about the cargo, which will be used to create an individual project and map a route.
We ensure the safety of the cargo and transportation: we use special fastening elements, equipment and devices, other necessary equipment, escort and protect the cargo en route.
SCL's portfolio includes successfully implemented projects on transportation of oversized cargoes for customers from various areas of the economy.
We organize loading, unloading, storage and customs clearance.
All services / Project cargoes
Our advantages
Guaranteed cargo safety. SKL specialists control the transportation at all its stages and guarantee the safety and safe transportation of your cargo.
A simple form of interaction: you place an application for transportation with us, we take care of everything else, including documentary support.
The portfolio of SCL includes successfully implemented projects for the transportation of oversized cargo, performed for customers from various sectors of the economy

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