Foreign economic activity is usually a priority for many enterprises and entrepreneurs. Business relations with foreign counterparties in the import and export areas is not an easy process that requires special knowledge and experience.

Foreign Economic Affairs outsourcing from SCL increases the economic impact and reduces risks in the international contracts implementation.

Outsourcing is especially relevant for newcomers and small companies, because the maintenance of a foreign economic affairs department requires significant costs, and one employee is not able to cover the whole range of issues.
Our advantages
Optimization of the client's business processes and economics
We provide full paperwork support and transparency of foreign economic transactions, taking into account the requirements of the Russian legislation
A set of measures to insure legal and tax risks
Mediation in disputes in signing and implementing foreign economic contracts
Expertise in working with commodity items requiring special legal support procedures
Experience of interaction with the customs service and authorities
Fixed cost of SCL services
The goods are purchased from a Russian supplier with 20% VAT, so that you should not worry about it.
Customs clearance
Organization of overseas production
Negotiation process, preparation of the deal
Searching for a manufacturer under your requirements
Drafting of specifications in Chinese
Goods quality control before shipment
International delivery of goods from the supplier's warehouse to your warehouse in Russia.
If you are planning to supply finished products from China or launch a special-order production in a factory, we have a solution. Tell us about your requests and SCL will take care of the rest.

We professionally deal with the supply of various nomenclature products and organize production in China's factories. We sign an agency contract or supply contract with the client. The conract details the list of our services and regulated terms.

SCL experts will handle:
Basic rates
Search and SWOT analysis of up to 5 factories for the same product range - 20,000 rubles (will be subtracted from the cost, when ordering for the amount starting from USD 20,000)
Send a request to calculate the transportation cost
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To speed up the calculation, please tell us about the departure and destination points, nomenclature and approximate weight of the cargo and special requirements.